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Thoughts on Bigbrother AU

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This summer's Bigbrother AU is special. Not only because it made its return after stop airing several years ago, but it has also changed its original format(The international format) to make it more competitive like BBUS and BBCAN. First of all it's refreshing to see a series blend with international Bigbrother rules and some competitive elements.

Tomboy(2011) movie review

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Tomboy(2011) movie review Is this a movie about transsexual people? First, let me make my self clear, quoting the word of the director of this film: I made it with several layers, so that a transsexual person can say ‘that was my childhood’ and so that a heterosexual woman can also say it.

Living in Linux

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Hightlights Emacs(actually this article is called living inside emacs) the ultimate application(oprating system). Polybar highly customizable status bar. bspwm simple, minimal and easy to use and understand. Desktop Enviroment I have always had a love-hate relationship with these desktop environments. Sometimes I think they are the devil who makes your life more miserable(like messing with your locale, enviroment variables, etc…), but they are such eye candies and save you from endless configuration loop.

淘米遊戲 - 那段回不去的童年時光

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淘米遊戲 - 那段回不去的童年時光 如果你跟我一樣,屬於90後到00初出生的的人,我想有你應該多少玩過(或

Finally...My blog is here

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Since my blog is under construction, I decide to use this site as a temporary one. Therefore I won’t rush into getting my blog done… just kidding, I am just too lazy to create my actual blog from scratch, and no matter how much time I have spent on writing the blog, I still can’t get satisfied at it.

Solving gray-window problem with some WM in Jetbrains products

| 57 words | Linux Jetbrains
Solving gray-window problem with some WM in Jetbrains products Step 1 open /etc/profile.d/, add: export _JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING=1 Step 2 install wmname, a simple utility to name your WM. You may find this package in your distro's repository, or you can refer to this side. Step 3 After install wmname, open your ~/.

Simple Org-mode user guide

| 644 words | Emacs Org-mode note
Simple Org-mode user guide Headings *Top level Heading * Second level Heading * Third level Heading Top level Heading Second level Heading Third level Heading Motion C-c C-n/p Jump to next/previous heading(can be different level). C-c C-f/b Jump to next/previous heading(same level). Visibility C-x n s/w s for narrow buffer to current subtree only.

File systems, mount and fstab

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File systems, mount and fstab Introduction to file system ​ If you are a windows user before(just like me), you might wonder why the file path on Linux is so different from that on windows. ​ The questions as “Where are my drive C and drive D?” and

How to set locale in Arch Linux

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How to set locale in Arch Linux ​ If you currently live outside of the English speaking countries, or you are learning a new language, chances are high that you might need to deal with another language interface on your system. ​ Think about all the problems you might come across if you mess up your system locale.

Using urxvt(rxvt-unicode) in Arch Linux

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Using urxvt(rxvt-unicode) in Arch Linux What is urxvt? rxvt stands for our extended virtual terminal, and rxvt-unicode(or urxvt) is a customizable terminal emulator which supports international languages through Unicode. One of the features of urxvt is that you can use several Perl extensions to make your life on CLI more easily.