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Thoughts on Bigbrother AU

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This summer's Bigbrother AU is special. Not only because it made its return after stop airing several years ago, but it has also changed its original format(The international format) to make it more competitive like BBUS and BBCAN. First of all it's refreshing to see a series blend with international Bigbrother rules and some competitive elements.


Here I would like to give credits to BBAU's production team based on below points:

Big brother

Yes, you heard me right. I always think that what BBUS/BBCAN(especially BBUS) lacks is a vivid big brother profile build. It adds spirits to the show's intense and competitive enviroment. That's what I admire international versions for.

Innovative comps

The comptitions used in BBAU are so much more interesting than BBUS and they don't cost a lot of money. Furthermore, they are fair and unpredictable. Everyone has a change to win the comps.

Good cast

The housemates are not those archetypes and you can feel their personality. Everyone is diffrent honestly. They also have a wider range of ages too rather than just young people.


However, this format indeed has some flaws:


As format changed, the show has gotten more competitive then it used to be.But from what I have seen is that none of these housemates grasp the idea of the game. Some just vote by emotions, some just vote with others, some just want to be King/Queen/Hero of the house.

Power for nomination:

This twist is the stripped version of the HOH of Bigbrother US. I don't think the winning person needs the luxury but at least give them time to think about who to nominate. This way can avoid dumb nomination and also stimulate game discussion.

The editing

The editing is the biggest flaw of the show. I suspect that some major game discussion wasn't aired, so the audience would be confused why the person was suddenly evicted. And also the competition and voting segment lasted too damned long.

The voting

I wish we as audience could see how each one votes in the main episode instead of watching extra "extended-vote" episode. But this is a minor one.

The nomination

I really think two nominees would be better than three. Three options are too much so people will be unable to make up their mind, which leads to bad decision and people are gonna regret after the eviction.

The twist

Avoid the twists that give certain people too much power therefore break the balance of the game. Like the Big Sister is too much. (BBCan4 had a similar twist before) If you really want to stir things up, battleback is enough and fairer.


The show currently aired 9 episode(as I wrote this article). If you are a big brother fan, you won't want to miss it. You will or will not like this new format, but it's just a whole new experience and worth a try.

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